Ungarische Regierung finanzierte Kampagne für Adoption und gegen Abtreibung mit EU-Mitteln

Die ungarische Regierung steht unter scharfer Kritik von Feministinnen und auch der EU-Kommissarin Viviane Reding für ihre mit EU-Mitteln finanzierte Kampagne zur Förderung der Adoption / gegen Abtreibung.

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Unser Bericht vom 20.5.2011:

Wie die Webseite www.turtlebayandbeyond.org berichtet, startete die ungarische Regierung vor einigen Wochen eine Kampagne zum Schutz des Embryo vom Moment der Empfängnis an. Auf eindrucksvollen Postern ist in der Budapester U-Bahn ein Embryo im Mutterleib zu sehen - Adoption statt Abtreibung.

Hier der Bericht (Englisch):

M. Viktor Orban’s government, just few weeks after the promulgation of the new Constitution protecting “the life of the foetus […] from the moment of conception”, started a consciousness-raising campaign in favor of adoption aimed at pregnant women in distress. Here is a poster. This picture was taken (by Sakari Huttunen for the Hu-lala website) at the beginning of May in a subway station in Budapest. This is a positive and comprehensible message, which invites to prefer adoption to abortion:

“I understand well that you are not ready to welcome me in your life, but give me to the adoption service, let me live”, entreats the unborn child. Hungary’s pro-life policy can not only be explained by the government’s commitment to fundamental moral values, but also by the demographic crisis the country undergoes. Its birth rate is one of the lowest in Europe: 1.3 children per woman. The Junior Minister for Social Policy, Miklos Soltesz, explains the approach: “the Hungarian society is not ready for the ban on abortion, as in Poland for example. Besides, it is not what we are looking for; we want to insist on the importance of life”.

Article II of the new Hungarian Constitution protects a foetus’ right to life, which begins at conception:

“Human dignity shall be inviolable. Everyone shall have the right to life and human dignity; the life of the foetus shall be protected from the moment of conception.”

Quelle: www.turtlebayandbeyond.org/2011/abortion/hungary-a-governmental-pro-life-campaign/